President’s Message

Greetings saints. The time is at hand for unity in our worship and the preparation for the return of our Lord and Savior.

RR 22:9-15 “And now, as preparations are made for my return, my Father expresses great concern for the children of Israel. There is much restoration that needs to take place before my arrival.

You my church, are called upon today; let the ministry of your calling find expression in the gathering of my people to the gospel restored in these latter days.

When you labor under the presumption that I will delay my coming; thereby giving an extension of time for you to prepare, you give opportunity for the adversary to obtain possession of your souls. From the beginning my Father made plans for my return to the earth. When the fullness of my gospel was restored to your dispensation of time, sincere endeavors were made to prepare for the establishment of Zion.

Yet, in the efforts of their ministry, they failed to remain vigilant to the counsel concerning obedience and the denial of self will.

Therefore, my Father and I have waited for another people to demonstrate a faithful allegiance to the veracity of the doctrine established by my Father and proclaimed by my earthly ministry.

And now, through your efforts to adhere to the fullness of the gospel, my Father and I desire to be of greater assistance to your preparation.

RR 25:1-2, 4-5 …”You, my children, are called upon to release the anxiety of the natural man to my care. …Let righteousness reside in the homes of my people! Heed to the expression of my voice! Let the light of my son find expression in my daily walk. … Rise up, my children! Permit the light of the truth to find affirmation within the church of mine elect. Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.

At this very moment, arrangements are being made to establish, in full measure, the City of Zion. the call has been issued to the church of my firstborn and the gathering in heaven has begun. Final preparations are being made for the return of my son in his glory. Mine elect on earth are called to make preparations for the unfolding of my endowment.”

The time is at hand in all earnestness to heed this counsel. We must be steadfast and faithful to the covenant made with God the Father.

Invite the Aaronic priesthood into your homes for spiritual assistance in your preparation for the cause of Zion.

We are in a time of the whole world struggling in the grips of sin and darkness. Righteousness through faith believing is the way of light and direction.

Woodrow Howell