Historical Prophecy

Prophecy given through Arthur Oakman, at a meeting of the priesthood.
Spring 1974 – Wichita, Kansas

“I am the Lord your God. I am the same who spake to the Israelites on Mount Sinai in the thunderous times and the people heard and knew my name. I am He who has spoken to you in the still small voice, given counsel and comfort many more times and have blessed you, yet many more times would I have blessed you, but you would not hear me and those blessings I have had to withhold. I have blessed you financially and materially, yet you have withheld your tithes and offerings.

You have not attended prayer services as you ought, where you could have gained strength from each other, you have used the excuse of complaining of body weariness, much of this being caused by extra activities that you have undertaken in other interests of the world. Some have spent the evenings in other areas for financial gain, and there are those who have chosen to attend social organizations of this world and I have had to withhold my blessings.

My priesthood have accepted the responsibilities of the offices to which they were ordained, yet many have not applied themselves and when great darkness shall cover the earth they will feel such a weight of burden upon their souls they cannot bear it. It is not long until the earth again will be drenched in blood, and darkness shall cover the world. For many who have heard my voice but did not heed it, it will be too late when they call upon me. I will not answer. Yet there are many who will obey my commandments, seek me in my ways in your prayers. And when those trials and times come I will continue to bless them. My gospel shall be preached unto all the world, and there shall be times when it will seem to stay still, but it will gain momentum and my Kingdom shall be, for I am in this work.

There will be a short season until World War III. Our country will be involved. There will be perilous times. People in America will be brought to their knees and even the saints will suffer hardships. Material possessions will be of no value and the only real value will be the quality of life. It is not time for fear but rather a time for rejoicing, for only through this means can the gospel go to all the world, including Russia. After this, other countries will be at war with one another and not bother this land, then will the gospel go to all parts of the world.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow so they must be alert to all of Satan’s crafty ways and traps which he has set to destroy the youth.

If you have become laxed in they duties as mother, as a wife or as a saint, call upon me in mighty prayer, seeking the Father’s guidance. And if ye do this sincerely I will show ye how ye might be able to bring thy children back, as well as how ye might help thy sisters or thy brothers from being deceived. If thy companion is not one of the sheep, ye cannot allow this to hinder thee. Ye must strive even stronger to set a holy example for thy children and hold the family together—for in the short time ahead, if thy family ties are not strong, ye will see thy children fall right into Satan’s trap. He will weave his heavy cords around them as a spider weaves a web and “he” will they serve. Beware of Satan’s worse device–“free love”. I say unto ye also, teach my children how to pray in my name. Teach thy children My Holy Scriptures with a joyful attitude, not begrudgingly. Also, teach them to love and respect my elderly. Teach thy children love and kindness by being kind and loving to them. Teach them to always obey my laws, as well as the laws of this land and to be strong and steadfast, never allowing their faith to weaken when they observe others falling. For I say unto thee, the calamity which is soon to come upon the earth is far worse than anyone can comprehend. My children, ye cannot say ye have not been warned, for ye knoweth many, many times, I have warned thee to get prepared. Soon my warning voice doth cease, for if I should prolong these coming events, how many would continue their self-glorified ways? Ye must harken unto me this day. Now, now is the time–rid thyself of all hate, jealousy, covetousness and hostile feelings toward thy brothers and thy sisters. Now is the time to free thyself of all debts and get thy house in order. Many of My children have become slothful and have taken too much for granted in the past–but no longer can ye remain this way. Ye cannot feed on milk and expect to have anymore than a babe. Ye have riches and wealth on earth saved to help thee feel secure in the future, but I say unto thee, only that which ye have done for me will last. Thy material riches shall become as dust before thy eyes and thy power and authority shall be dissolved unless ye harken unto my warning and serve me, thy Heavenly Father, not mammon. Ye cannot say “ye love me” and continue living the ways of the world. Remember I know thy heart. Each must repent. This should be on the lips of each Holy Priesthood if he truly cares about my flock.

Many believe that when the tribulation time begins ye shall be stoned and tortured thereby ye may know that this is the beginning–not so. For I say unto thee, Satan has planned a different approach. He has already advised his co-workers to deceive you in this manner. They must first gain thy confidence, then make a lie appear as truth, make sin as just entertainment, common, and as something ordinary; ‘Do it because the majority sins. Make filth become common place.’ I have warned in times past of Satan’s other plans in trying to take thee but this strongest plan you know not of which is to take place in a peaceful way. He has said to his co-workers, he has tried to take many souls from me in times past by torture and such, he failed; for my children became martyrs and that caused the faith of many to be strengthened, so he failed. That is why it is most needed that we pray daily for the discernment of spirit. Again I say, beware of those who teach and practice “free love,” for they are the sons of perdition. I do not say Satan has given up his plans to tempt thee or cause thee pain and distress physically, mentally, and spiritually. What he plans first is to snare thee in a peaceful manner.

I say unto My Holy Priesthood, I am aware of all the obstacles which come before thee, hindering thy voice in speaking out for my gospel as ye desire to do. Soon cometh an end to this. Soon—yea, very soon ye shall be free to give the ministry which My children are in great need of at this time, for I the Lord God shall remove Satan’s workers, and I shall bring My Holy Spirit down upon each of My Holy Priesthood in a greater measure than ye have ever received before. Ye cannot comprehend the power and the authority with which I shall give thee.

First, there must come a cleansing and this cometh soon. Do not become depressed, for remember, ye are Mine and I have chosen thee for a special work yet to come, which ye know not of. Continue to have faith and remain steadfast and strong. This is the time when my handmaidens may speak out against all that is evil for they cannot silence them. This will only be for a short span of time and is not to be compared to one having priesthood authority given them, for this cannot ever be. They should speak out as concerned Mothers in Latter Day Israel and as true Handmaidens of Mine. Never before has there been so much liberty given to my handmaidens, yea, but never before has there been such a great need for this. Now is the time. Soon this span of time will pass. Then My Holy Priesthood shall be endowed with My power from on high, a hundredfold that ye have now watched and earnestly prayed for this day.

Remember, I chose thee to watch over my flock and feed my sheep. Ye shall witness great and marvelous happenings, but forget not those things which I have warned thee of which cometh soon. All shall be shaken and if ye do not have my power with thee what will ye do My sons? Did I not tell thee ye would see men in high places fall? Is this not being fulfilled? So I say again watch and let a prayer always be on thy lips, not for just thyself alone but also for they who are your brothers and sisters. See that ye do not become a stumbling block for them. Again I speak unto my handmaidens; Ye who are older, I charge thee this day that ye should share all the knowledge ye have with thy younger sisters. This responsibility I give thee now, for many of thy younger sisters will not be able to cope with the changing events which are soon to come. Many of my young handmaidens are unacquainted with hard work. Ye have received and have not given of thyself to thy family as I have designed for thee. Now you should show and teach thy sisters how to plant and preserve thy food. Learn how to sew thy own garments and thy family’s too. Seek knowledge in other ways, ye can live with lesser funds though the cost of living may rise. My handmaidens who are older, be patient with thy sisters who lack in knowledge of these things. Have ye not wondered why ye have been blessed with so many talents and have never before been given the opportunity to share them? Now ye do so.

For I say unto thee, the time soon cometh when thy modern conveniences shall be taken away. When this occurs, if my children are not prepared they shall be frightened. Many will seek to destroy their own lives and their children. If they do not wholly and completely put their trust in me, they shall be tossed to and fro, not knowing which way to turn but if my children will turn from their worldly ways and call upon me in true repentance and in humility, then the windows of Heaven shall be opened up.

And forget not, my handmaidens, to whom much is given–much is required of thee. I have so much to give to thee if ye will but ask. Ye may form food and home classes, sewing classes and others. They should be for the sole purpose of helping one another to live a more Zionic life. I have given thee the Word of Wisdom, yet few follow it. Freely have I given thee–freely ye should give of thy knowledge and wisdom. Do not boast of thy knowledge and do not ridicule or look down on thy sister’s lack of knowing all of these things, for remember, there has not been such a great need for this knowledge as with this generation. Do not allow thy classes to become just a social gathering. Remember–time is running out. Teach in a spirit of love and concern of one another. When ye plant seeds, can, quilt, or in getting thy storehouse ready–do not think only of thine own family’s needs but set aside a little extra for those to come. If ye need further light on this, pray, and I will give it to thee.

Unto all my children I say–in whatsoever things ye say or do, be certain that it glorifies thy Heavenly Father. Keep thy thoughts pure and holy, striving to keep my Zion’s goal ever before thee. Sing hymns of praise unto me. Do not waste thy time away singing worldly songs for what doth it profit thee? Sing hymns of praise unto me. Sing hymns which will nourish thy soul. My children, ye may feel that I have spoken harshly with thee or that I expect too much of thee. But I say these things unto thee because I love thee. I want thee to live a disciplined life—wholly and completely in submission unto they Heavenly Father so thereby My Kingdom might be established on earth and ye My children might shine as the Redeemed of the Lord. Soon cometh the day.

Be prepared. Even so. Amen”