Unification of the Restoration

"Let the church again be admonished that the task of establishing Zion presses heavily upon us.  Barriers and hindrances to the achievement of this goal should be removed as speedily as possible and practicable.  To lay securely the foundations for Zion and her buildings the work should be accomplished in peace and harmony.  Unity should Prevail.  To this end all the Saints should work together in the rich fraternity which can and will prevail among them when they keep faithfully the commandments.  Great blessings are in store for the church if it will in faith and saintly devotion go forward in its tasks."
D&C 138:3

"The Spirit saith further unto the church: The Lord is well pleased with the advancement which has been made in approaching unity during the conference year; and though there may have been differences of opinion, these differences have been held in unity of purpose and desire for the good of my people, and will result in helping to bring to pass a unity of understanding.  So be ye encouraged and press on to the consummation designed of God for his people- unity, honor, sanctification, and glory. Amen."
D&C 129:9

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