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Resurrection Sunday

            I was awakened at 4:00 am by the sound of a hoot owl located behind our house in a creek.  I turned in my bed and began to pray for the coming day, people on my heart and the Love of Jesus Christ.  I soon drifted off to sleep and at 5:00 am a pair of mourning doves began to coo.  Awake once more, I began to pray.  As I prayed, I asked to serve the will of God the Father.  Into my heart came the words, would I surrender or give the life I have for the one He has for me.  I pondered the question and then prayed yes.  I continued in prayer of thanksgiving and praise unto Jesus Christ and decided to rise and get ready for the day.

            As I left my home and drove up the hill to town I began to hear the church bells playing hymns, such a beautiful sound, approaching the corner where the Methodist church is that plays the bells, I rolled my window down to listen better, however the bells were not playing at the church yet.  I realized that the music I heard was inside with me and continued a ways.

            How blessed I felt and outpouring of the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me and I pulled over and prayed thanks to God and His endless Love.

            What a Blessed day of worship we had and the fellowship with the saints was pure joy.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Woodrow Howell


      My testimony began to build in the Restoration Church and its teachings when I observed how happy Lysle was after he studied and shared what he was learning. He has always been a happy person but this was different and it was even more evident after his baptism. I had to find out for myself the truth he was learning. 

      After resigning from the Utah LDS Church, I felt at peace. I prayed and studied for myself. When I attended conference with Lysle and listened to prayers and heard some of the members testify they had seen Christ, they touched my heart and I felt the truthfulness of what they said. It was then that I wanted that happiness. The freedom and peace has brought much joy. I can have a personal relationship with my Savior. He is full of grace and mercy. I feel free to call upon Him in all I do. I am good enough to return to His presence.


     I have a testimony of the Bible. It is the word of God. The Book of Mormon is a testimony of Jesus Christ and His word. He alone can give us eternal life. Jesus is the Christ. He is my Savior and redeemer. Through Him I can be saved.

Suzanne Heap

     We visited family and friends on this trip and at each stop we felt the Lord say, “Welcome”.  One of the outstanding times was when we arrived at one of my cousins’ home whom I had never met.  Even her 5 and 9 year old children made us feel a part of the family.

     We walked around Williamsburg, Virginia in the rain with nothing to protect our feet from the rain and when we got back to the place where we were staying we discovered our feet were dry.

     We planned to see a family of whom the lady had been friends with our youngest daughter since high school but due to the fact we had lost an address all we could do was call. I was expecting a negative attitude, instead a very big welcome for the phone call and the lady made plans for us to come next year.  We are praying we will be able to make the trip again and hope we will be able to see days and days of fall foliage.

Sandra Nunn  


My name is Lysle Heap, and this is my testimony of how I found the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the age of 64 years.


     I was born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but always questioned some of the doctrine.  I can see spirits, and that was always a big problem for me growing up, both within the Church and with friends and family.  In September of 2013 I formally resigned from the Mormon church and began a quest for the truth.  I have always had a testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, that he restored the Church of Christ back on the earth in the latter days.  I believe in the Book of Mormon, and know it is of God.  Because of my beliefs it narrowed down my search for the truth.

     I attended a service with the Community of Christ Church in Olympia, Washington the first of November 2013.  The next day I had an extended lunch with my friend,  that can also see spirits, where we caught up on things in our lives.  He knew that I had left the Mormon church, but I did not tell him that I had gone to a CofC meeting the day before.  As we were leaving, and saying our goodbyes in the parking lot of the cafe, he stopped me by calling to me.  He told me he had no idea where I went yesterday, but it was the wrong place and not to go back.  Then he said, you are searching in the wrong place; you need to find an obscure group of people that believe like you do.  On my way home I wondered where I could find such a group.  It really bothered me as to where I could look.  When I got home and after saying a prayer, I decided to look on the computer for something.  Having no idea what to look for I went on Google and typed in Restoration.   Up popped the website for the Restoration Church.  There I read that they believed in the same things I believed in, and the Holy Ghost whispered to me that this was the obscure group I was to find.  There was a contact number, which I called and I left a message.  I waited a couple of weeks and never heard from anyone.  I continued my research into questions that I had with the Mormon church and moved on.  One day I decided to Google Joseph Smith and see what came up.  I found a site of a man named Joseph F Smith, that said he was a great grandson of Joseph Smith and that he had a ministry.  There was a button at the bottom of his site that said if you wanted more information to push it.  I did, and entered my phone number.  Immediately after pushing the button my phone rang, and it was Joseph.  We became instant friends and I told him I was looking for a group, but never mentioned the Restoration Church.  He got me in contact with a Restoration Branch in Washington that was fifty miles from my house.  I began attending services with them.  I enjoyed their company, but I felt something was missing; it felt like they were “playing” church.  After three months I wondered again about the prompting I had received to contact the Restoration Church, so I figured I’d give it one more try.  I felt like I was tempting the Spirit, but I again Googled Restoration to see what would come up, and sure enough it took me to the Restoration Church website again.  I again called the contact number, and got no response.  At the time there was a directory of groups around the nation with contact numbers.  I found a name of Ken Danko, and associated him with a childhood friend so decided to call, but when I did I got a message to leave my number.  Three days later he called me and we became friends.  He answered questions I had and directed me to the Restoration Bookstore in Independence, Missouri where I could buy reference books on issues I was studying. 


     After reading some reference books I had learned so much about the early years of the LDS church during Joseph Smith’s time.  I now had two things I needed to have confirmed by the Holy Ghost; one was did the RLDS church have it right when they first started, and did Joseph start the practice of polygamy?  I fasted for a day then knelt by my bed at night and asked the Lord to answer my questions.  I heard an audible voice, not a spiritual voice, but as if someone was standing by my side.  When I asked if the RLDS had it right when they started out the answer was

 a very strong “yes”.  Then I asked, did they go into apostasy?  Again, a strong “yes”.  Then I asked if Joseph taught polygamy, and I heard  a strong “no”.  So I asked, did Brigham Young lead the Utah church into apostasy, and, I got a strong “yes”.  I felt like I was on a roll, so I asked if the Restoration Church was the church I should join, and again I got a firm, solid “yes”.  I had my answers so now I knew what The Lord wanted me to do.  I made arrangements with Ken to go to Independence to be baptized.  Interestingly, I got a phone call from Joseph F Smith the next day, and I told him about my answers and asked what he thought.  He told me they were good people, and he thought I would be happy joining with them.  I called Ken and told him I was ready to be baptized, and made plans to travel to Missouri to do so. 


     When I got there, arrangements had been made to stay with President Woody Howell and his wife Marsha.  What a great experience that turned out to be.  I was a little leery to stay with them, because he was after all the President. 


   The night before I was baptized I had a long discussion with Woody, and he told me how small the church actually was.  My heart sunk, because it sounded like I was setting sail on a sinking ship.  When I retired to my bed that night I poured my heart out to The Lord.  Was this really the church 

I was suppose to join, even though it sounded like it was dying?  I testify to you that The Lord answered my prayer by telling me He would not allow me to join a dying Church I again heard His voice.   


     The next day during my confirmation I had the Holy Ghost bear witness to me that I was doing right! 


      Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, he translated the Book of Mormon, and it is true.  He also organized the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth again, and it is continued in The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of this I testify in the Holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  


Blessings in Unexpected Ways


     It rained all night (again) and was still raining when I got up … cloudy, dreary, and somewhat depressing.  I had looked out the window into the back yard and decided I needed to put my umbrella by my purse to remember to take it with me when I left for work.  On my way to the closet, I decided to look out my front window to see whether it had been a “soft” rain falling straight down so part of my porch was dry. 


     Suddenly my eye spotted a flicker of movement, and there was a tiny hummingbird feeding on my columbine.  He was evidently very hungry, because he was fluttering from blossom to blossom, drinking his fill.  As I watched his tiny body dart around my yard, I thanked God for blessings of joy and light that come to us when the world seems dreary and dark.


Judi Marshall


     One day I was asked by a sister in the church if I would pray for her son who was seeking employment; and of course I did.  Later that morning as I was reading my devotions for the day; it was about a mother praying for her son as he was seeking employment.  A coincidence, I don’t think so?

Sandra Nunn


Darkness to Light

     Last Wednesday night, I arrived home from services after dark.  There is a small lamp in my foyer that provides illumination into my current living room, where I turned on the lamp located on the table.  I went through the living room and through the kitchen, heading for my new area at the back of the house.  With the living room light behind me, I noticed that the area in front of me was dark, so I needed to walk carefully to avoid stumbling until I could turn on the lamp in that room.  I made the journey without mishap, turned on the lamp, and spent the time in that room until I was ready for bed.  I turned out the lamp, which made the room dark again.  As I turned to go toward 

the living room (which was still lit by the lamp I had turned on when I got home), I noticed that, although the light was dim, it was much easier walking toward the light instead of away from it.


     I suddenly realized the analogy of light and darkness.  When you are walking away from the Light of Jesus, the path is dark … when you are walking toward the Light of Jesus, the path is much clearer … and the closer you get to the Light, the easier it is to see where you are going.  If my path seems dark, I need to stop and look around me to see if I am, perhaps, walking away from the Light and need to change my direction.


Judi Marshall



     My husband and I try to have a garage sale once a year so that we might have an uncluttered home.  The money we make off of these sales also helps us to do some traveling.

     I have the habit of praying over these sales asking the Lord to send people to purchase what we have to sell.  The last garage sale we had I asked the Lord to send people to our sale that had a need for what we were selling.

     Two customers specifically said, “I am so glad to find this, I really need it”.  This was confirmation that I was doing a pleasing thing unto the Lord and He was blessing my request.

Sandra Nunn    


In Our Homes


     This has been a time of remembrance for me of brothers and sisters in the name of Christ who have stayed in our home over the years.  Often our home was filled with friends during general conference time, as many of your homes were also.  Or perhaps you traveled in and stayed in our homes and together we all provided much love and fellowship to one another. Do you recall how much fun we had?  How physically tired we may have become at times but yet how spiritually uplifted we remained?  All of the shared testimonies and the experience of new ones and the hopes we had for any tomorrows the Lord may grant us was, and remains, such a strength to me today.

     Earlier this year, at different times, I enjoyed friends in our home again.  One was a friend from high school who we were reunited with.  One was a man who has found his church home.  One was a mother we have known for years and she brought her young son to share with us.  All brought Jesus with them and they filled our home with love, friendship and new testimonies.  And memories of our spiritual journey begun long ago.

     This week I have stayed in the home of very good friends in the church.  We have had fun, great food, prayers, devotions and this morning we shared in the holy ordinance of communion.  We testified of our great love of God and His work, our work to do for Him.  I’ll never tire of hearing the prayers of God’s people.  Each unique, and heartfelt, and true.  What a joy to receive.  

     I am thankful for the people God has placed in my life who help me be a better person.  I am so happy that Jesus calls us friends.  My prayer is for your heart, your home, to overflow with God’s goodness and for you to be filled with friends in Christ forever.

Marsha Howell



     In the late 1990s I was doing home health. I was in the home of client dying from AIDS. I had gone there to administer medicine to this patient via his port-a-cath catheter.  This is an IV access under the skin. I had completed the infusion process and inadvertently had stuck myself with the needle.  I was in shock! I ran over to the sink and began scrubbing my hands and fingers over and over. The client asked if I had stuck myself, but I said no.  I just kept scrubbing! Finally, I gathered my wits about me and left the client’s home. This client was not only in the latter stages of AIDS, but was also CMV positive. (He died less than two weeks later)

     Once I got into my car and had said several prayers I called my dear friend, Jewel and told her I had been stuck with a needle from an AIDS patient.  She (being a second mother to me) said to call the job and go to occupational medicine.  I did. I went right away to Occupational Medicine. I was seen within two hours of being stuck with this dirty needle. I felt sick, but was marking this up to shock and nerves. The doctor said that I was at a very low risk for getting AIDS or anything else that this client had, but they did blood work anyway.  They did not start me on any medications. I went home and was administered to by two elders.

     Less than Twenty-four hours later the blood work showed that I was positive for Cytomegalo Virus (CMV). [My client also had CMV] Again, I told the doctor that I was just not feeling right, but was reassured that all would be fine. I was placed on a triple cocktail medicine for AIDS patients. After a few days of taking the medications, I became very ill. I began bleeding…my gums, teeth, other parts of my body. I was feeling even worse with each passing day. I had to stop the medicine. There was a prayer service and another administration provided for me.

     My children were very frightened because something was wrong with Mommy.  My children were familiar with medical terms and my husband also was very concerned.  A few weeks later I was still very ill and had no medicines that I could take. Blood work still showed I was CMV positive and was waiting for the complete HIV testing results to return.

     The clinic called. They had the HIV results. I needed to come in.  I asked for another administration. The elder asked what I wanted to come from this administration. I said that I was really tired. I was very ill. The clinic had called and that I needed to come in for the results… which are never good if they cannot tell you over the phone. I wanted to live long enough to see my children grown. I wanted to be HEALED.  The elder came over to my home. In the dining room, I sat down. He laid his hands on my head. My husband stood across from us. As soon as those hands touched the top of my head, I could feel fire. My hair was on fire; my head, face, shoulders. The fire continued throughout the administration all the way through my body and out the soles of my feet! As soon as the administration was finished I was no longer ill.  I felt renewed and well!

     The next round of blood-work all came back negative! The doctor could not explain it. I could. I was healed!  Weeks later a visiting Elder came to preach. At the end of his sermon he asked for testimonies.  I bore my testimony.  The Elder said he knew what I had said in my testimony was true and that I was healed from CMV and AIDS because he worked for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and that I would not have gotten part this illness without getting all of it!

People in medical community that knew me believed my testimony of administration.

Shari Motelet
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